5 Ways to Welcome Women in the Gym

What it means to be a man or woman, and their roles, are concieved by our cultures. It’s a good thing that gender identities change over time. Gender is a hot topic these days, and it’s something that needs addressing in the male-dominated world of fitness. Here, we discuss ways to make the gym more inviting to women.

Make them feel Welcome.

Men should keep in mind that women feel uncomfortable and insecure in the gym. When a man first spots a woman in the gym, he should make sure he welcomes her. Tell her things like, “lookin’ good” or “yowza” or even a simple whistle in her direction does wonders. Let women know they look strong but still feminine: “Your legs look strong, but still very much like a woman’s legs,” or “Nice butt. I like it because it is a woman’s butt.” These things will encourage the woman to keep coming.

Give them Advice.

If you think a woman is not doing something the proper way, you should show her how. She is most likely trying to emulate a man anyway. Think of it as your duty to give advice to women in the gym. It’s a way of being a gentleman. Always offer to give her a spot, she’s probably too shy to ask!

Women Should Focus on Exercises for Women.

There are common sense reasons why we have two separate magazines for men’s fitness and women’s fitness. It’s because there are different rules for how a women should get fit and how a man should get fit. It is a disorienting environment for the man when women do men’s exercises, like deadlifts and curls. The situation is worse when women drink protein shakes and talk about work, which are things men do at the gym. Women should focus on exercises like hip abduction and adduction, glute builders, and sometimes very light curls—only to allow men to assist them on form. They should only supplement with pre natal vitamins and discuss laundry tips.

A More Inviting Environment.

One thing many gyms don’t consider is the gym environment itself. How are they making it more inviting towards women? It is important to understand the complex psychology of women and what makes them tick. A couple things we know for sure are that women enjoy are makeup, flowers and things that are pink. Gyms should incorporate these elements into their design. Vanity mirrors and a touch-up counter in the weight room would serve the female clientele well. In the same vein, gyms should rethink the products they sell. In addition to male-centric items like creatine and test boosters, gyms should sell women’s items like mascara, hand lotion, and diaries.

Women-Friendly Classes

Women love fitness classes because it gives them a chance to gather with other women. Given this golden opportunity, we must ask ourselves, are classes like Zumba, Spin, and BodyPump really contributing to the common good of women kind? Given the popularity of functional fitness, there is a market for a new type of fitness class: Home Economics Fitness. Power Dish Washing, HITT Vacuuming, Tabata Cooking, and Aqua Pretending-Sex-Is-Painless.

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